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14 February 2008 @ 12:13 am
I decided that I'd continue posting this story, even though I didn't make it to 50,000 words, for no grander reason than I like it and want to get it up to at least 50k, if not finish it completely.

Word Count to Date: 36,770

09 November 2007 @ 06:40 pm
Word Count Today: 1,053
Word Count To Date: 16,330

I've hit NaNo Fatigue.  Here's what I've done instead of typing:

Made my bed, took down Halloween decorations, put up new non-seasonal ones, refilled my candy jar, folded my laundry, tidied the room, made and drank tea, washed out the mug, rearranged my iTunes library, homework (le gasp!), sang along loudly to the rearranged songs, took out the trash, and updated this community.  All in the space of about an hour and a half or so.  I have ideas...I just don't want to write them.  It's a trial, now, but I must...keep...typing.  Must...keep...typing.

How Are You Feeling?: exhaustedexhausted
Hearing Test: Hodie Christus Natus Est - Robert Shaw Chorale
07 November 2007 @ 12:29 am
Word Count Today: 1,438
Word Count Total: 10,084

Hearing Test: Johanna - Bernadette Peters
04 November 2007 @ 09:37 pm
Word Count Today: 1,993
Word Count Total: 5,275

01 November 2007 @ 05:39 pm
Word Count Today: 2091
Word Count To Date: 2091

Annnnnd we're off!

How Are You Feeling?: cheerfulcheerful
Hearing Test: In Her Eyes - Josh Groban
31 October 2007 @ 03:03 pm
Test Post!
How Are You Feeling?: busybusy
Hearing Test: At the Beginning - "Anastasia"